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Finding a professional Electrician should be simple

Time to hire an Electrician ?

you shouldn't be hesitant to get your electrical issues addressed just because you haven't been able to find someone that is professional
When looking for an electrician or any contractor for that matter it can be stressful to say the least. Many things are probably going through you mind who can I trust, How much will this cost, How will this process disrupt my life?
These are some of the things I’ve thought when hiring someone new to complete a service I needed. The truth is, In a word surrounded by so many scam calls and unscrupulous characters it’s completely rational thinking.
I wish I had the answer to be able to convince you My company is different than the rest However, If you willing to take a chance I will do my best to convince you.

Who are we a good fit for?

  • Customers who are looking for a dependable Electrician who will show up on time as promised and complete the job at hand at a resonable rate.
  • Customers  who appreciate a company that runs a legitimate and professional business and understand this comes with it’s cost and benefits.
  • Customers that appreciate quality work and appreciate someone who is going to take the time to guide them through whats needed to complete the job right.
  • Customers that take these things into consideration and don’t shop by the lowest price alone, Cheap prices upfront often lead to more expenses in the long run.


We are always available, If you are interested in hearing more.

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25 Years of Experience

And still learning everyday

Looking for reliable electrical services for your home can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with big, impersonal companies. That's where Guaranteed Electric comes in! Our owner-operated company, located in Freehold, N.J., is run by Jim, an experienced electrician with over 25 years in many aspects of the industry. When you choose Guaranteed Electric, you will enjoy the benefits of dealing directly with the owner every step of the way. Jim takes pride in providing each client with the personalized attention they deserve, just like shopping at your local hardware store used to be. I can still remember when you would hire someone to complete a task and they Thanked you for the opportunity to serve you. This is the service we offer everyday, in addition we provide professional service to get the job done right. Say goodbye to impersonal service, and poor quality work - choose Guaranteed Electric for all your electrical needs!

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Licenses and insurance

As much as you may feel you can trust someone
Don't be shy when asking to see this info.
Check out our useful info page for tips on license verification.

Electrical License and Insurance information


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Jim Fodor

Owner Operator