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  Lighting and Controls

Replace existing light fixtures with something new. Install some new lighting to upgrade and add value to your home. Maybe you want to make your home more comfortable with a new ceiling fan install to help with heating and cooling costs. 

These are some of the things we can help you accomplish..

Lighting fixture upgrades and installations

If your looking to upgrade your existing lighting fixtures or install something new we can handle it. LED lighting upgrades can not only make a huge difference in the light output of your fixtures, it can also save you time and money. We can present you with different options to fit your needs and budget.

recessed lighting and ceiling fan in a living room

Recessed lighting installations

Are you tired of dark areas in your room and looking for more balanced lighting in your room? We offer recessed lighting options that can meet your needs, whether you want to add new lights or replace an existing one with a recessed fixture. Upgrade to something new and save money with new LED fixtures that offer a choice  of color with the flip of a switch or a press of a button.

recessed lighting and ceiling fan

Ceiling fans

The installation of a ceiling fan are beneficial for a number of reasons they circulate the air making it more comfortable. This makes it feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. A ceiling fan can also save you on your heating an cooling costs by making your equipment run less. We can install a fan in a new location or change an existing fan for a new style We can get it done.

ceiling fan
kitchen lighting controlled by smart lighting solutions

Advanced lighting controls

Technology has come so far in the past 10 years when it comes to lighting controls. In years past it was unrealistic for a smart home system without a huge cost  labor and complicated electronics. Now, we can offer solutions to make it simple and affordable to control virtually any light in your home from anywhere in the world. We keep up on the most current options available to be able to offer you what you what you might have thought was not possible. 

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Here is an article from the US Department of Energy explaining some of the benefits of LED Lighting.


You currently have an existing light fixture and want to instead add a ceiling fan in it’s place. Some things to consider are you will need 2 switches to control the fan and light if the fan is equipped with a light kit. This involves running a new wire from the switch to the fan location. Also, the box supporting the fan will have to be rated to handle the weight of the fan check out the article about fan support.

Most definitely, we can install lighting where ever you may want it. We have been doing this for over 25 years. This gives us the experience to help guide you with your options that might best serve you. We are here to help.

 Technology has evolved in a way that make lighting controls so simple anyone who can use their cell phone can operate them. In almost all cases, You can also link the lighting controls to most all alarm systems and smart home devices to integrate everything together seamlessly.These controls can also offer scheduling and dimmer controls all in one. Check out lutrons brochure.

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