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Electrical Services and panels

When your current Electrical Service is not enough to power your growing needs or just obsolete and in need of an upgrade We are here to help.

Your Electrical Service

What is your electrical service? Your electrical service is the point  where the power company connects to your building and is distributed to your electrical system. This consists of you meter which is on the outside of the building going in to your main service panel which holds your circuit breakers. The circuit breakers then distribute the electricity to your outlet’s, lights and appliances.

main electrical service diagram

Grounding and bonding

Grounding and bonding is an integral part to assure your electrical system is going to be safe. Grounding and bonding not only protects you and ensures the metal components of your electrical system are never energized. It also limits voltage imposed due to lighting, line surges and unintentional contact with higher voltage lines. and will stabilize the  voltage during normal operatons.  Proper grounding is always important.

grounding electrode system

Panel Changeouts and Sub panels

If your current electrical service is serving your power requirements there may not be a need to change the whole system. However, maybe your Electrical panel is in need of an upgrade due to unavailability of breakers or damage to the internal components. We offer panel upgrades to get your electrical system back on track. If you have simply run out of room in your current panel maybe a sub-panel is a more cost-effective option. We are available to discuss options and offer advise.

electrical service panels


There can be a number of issues causing your circuit breaker to trip. It may or may not have to do with a problem at your panel. It could be the circuit itself is overloaded with to many things plugged in to it. Just remember if your breaker is tripping it’s doing it’s job and protecting the wiring in your home from overload. Repeatedly resetting it will not fix the issue and may indeed just make it worse.

 The problem with this would be if your circuit is overloaded and causing the circuit breaker to trip, adding a breaker isn’t going to solve the problem. The circuit breaker is sized to protect your wiring in case of overload or short circuit. The circuit breaker is designed to protect the wiring from being overloaded and to trip before the wiring itself will heat up to a point to cause damage. So additional wiring or circuits would usualy be needed to solve this issue.

This will depend on your current and future power needs. If your current service is does not have enough capacity for expansion or is in poor condition an upgrade is probably your best option. An electrician can do a load calculation to determine your current needs.

Depending on the company you choose and the type and quality of materials used this can vary. As well as if the service is underground or overhead supplied. A service upgrade is usually around ($3000-$5000) range depending on the specifics of the installation. However, this is also an installation that should serve your needs for many decades to come.

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